Egg Manchurian Dry/how to make Egg Manchurian Recipe

Manchurian doesnt need any introduction, this Indo chinese foods are prepared usually with a vegetable or a meat. Marinated meat or veggies deep fried then sauteed with onions, bellpeppers along with a mixture of sauces makes this wonderful appetizier or side dish. Manchurians goes awesome with fried rice or else with a bowl of hot…

Chicken fried Rice/Chicken, eggs and vegetables mixed fried rice

Do your children always love to order fried rice from restaurants??? Try this recipe for them and arrange your table with restaurant style chicken/veg/egg fried rice. Trust me! You will be in their good chef list Yes! this Mixed Fried Rice is a tasty, healthy and filling recipe for your kids because it contains variety…

Gobi Manchurian Dry/ Cauliflower Manchurian Dry Recipe

Hi Friends, Hope all you are doing well? nearly after 2 weeks i came back. Im little busy with my daughter’s 1st birthday party. After that very tired and just got settled and came back to see you all my friends. Today im going to share one of my family’s favorite Gobi manchurian dry recipe….

Spring Rolls/chinese spring Roll/veg spring roll recipe

Veg Spring Rolls are crispy deep fried snacks filled with a delicious stuffing of lightly spiced and crunchy vegetables. Spring Rolls are a popular Asian snack which are often served before the meals as an appetizer. A mixture of vegetables, salt and spices is rolled into spring roll wrappers and is then deep fried or baked….

Egg Drop Soup/Restaurant Style Egg Drop Soup recipe

I find a bowl of egg drop soup to be one of the most soothing and comforting dishes for this winter(snowy) season. You really only need three base ingredients to make it (two in a pinch). And yet breathing in that steamy broth and savoring the first spoonful of silky egg curd — all my…