Deep's cook book

A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.

Baby foods

Baby food if any soft, easily consumed food other than breast milk or infant that is made specifically for human babies between four to six months and upto 2 years old. 


Homemade Oatmeal cereal and porridge for babies – Stage 1 food

Barley cereal and porridge for babies – Stage 1 food

Rice cereal and Porridge for babies/Arisi Kanji- Stage 1 food

Instant Poha cereal powder-protein powder for babies/Travel food for babies (no need to cook)

Instant Khichdi Mix, Rice and Dal powder for babies recipe

Instant Soya and Poha Cereal for babies – TRAVEL FOOD for babies-No need to cook

Red Rice Cereal and Porridge Recipe for babies





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