Home made Nuts Powder/Dry Fruits powder/Dry Nuts powder for Babies, toddlers and kids

In today’s post, I give you a step-by-step method to make homemade dry fruit powder mix for Babies, toddlers and kids.

When I started giving cow’s milk to my son Heymanth, my pediatrician suggested to give nuts powder/ dry fruit powder which is available in the market. But as a parent who believes in everything home made for the baby, I planned to make the dry fruit powder mix at home.

With a little research and a little help from my Patti (My mom’s mom), Grandma.  I made a healthy and delicious substitute to the tinned health mix powders available in the market. I found the combination of nuts powdered at home much better than the products available in the market.

What are the benefits of home made dry fruit powder mix?

How to prepare dry fruits powder at home?

When can I include dry fruits powder in baby’s diet?

How to use this homemade dry fruits powder?

Benefits of dry fruits/nuts for babies and kids:

Dry fruits and nuts are powerhouses of essential vitamins and minerals. They are also high is fiber and can help ease constipation which is a common problem among kids.

Dry nuts are good sources of protein and can be beneficial to vegetarians in particular as they miss out the proteins from meat and eggs. They are also rich in iron and other minerals like manganese, potassium etc. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids and are high in calories.

Benefits of Home Made Dry Fruit Powder Mix for Toddlers and Kids

Homemade dry fruits powder is the best you can give to your child along with milk. It gives a nice flavor and aroma to the milk and will tempt your kid to drink his daily glass of milk.

  • Filling for the tummy: After I started giving this milk before bedtime at night, he rarely gets up ensuring a good night sleep for us too.
  • Can be used multiple ways: Though this powder is the best when mixed with a warm cup of milk, it can be used in many different ways. It can be added to porridge, Milk shakes, pancakes, as ladoo etc.., Dry fruit powder mix can also be used to make halwa, chapatti, as topping for kheer, custards etc.
  • Good for weight gain: Dry fruits and nuts are high in calories and fat content and hence they are good for weight gain in kids.
  • Travel-friendly food : You can carry dry fruits powder while you travel with kids and make the dry fruits milk whenever you want.
  • Improves immunity : A better energy drink than the packaged once, the milk with dry fruits powder can help improve the immunity of the kids.
  • No preservatives and chemicals: The so-called nutritious supplement energy mixes that we get from the market is full of preservatives and artificial flavors to lengthen shelf life and enhance the taste. This load of preservatives and chemicals can at the end prove harmful for the child.The dry fruit powder we make at home will have no preservatives and artificial flavors. It will be a much healthier alternative to the store-bought energy mix.

Nutritional Information of ingredients used in Homemade Dry fruits powder:

  • Almonds:

Of all tree nuts, almonds top the list when it comes to the amount of protein, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin, niacin and fiber content by weight.Almonds are good for the heart, helps fight diabetes, are healthy for the digestive system, promotes hair growth and rejuvenates the skin. rich in fiber, healthy fats, magnesium, vitamains and protein.

  • Cashews:

Cashew nuts are rich in vitamins E and K and also contains vitamin B6. It also contains essential minerals like copper, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Iron and selenium are also found in cashew nuts.The manganese in Cashew t helps regulate metabolism, blood sugar, and promotes normal skeletal growth.

  • Pistachios:

Pistachios are a nutritionally rich and contains a good amount of protein and dietary fibers. It also has high copper content that can aid in better iron absorption.

Pistachios are good to improve eyesight and also boost immunity.

  • Walnuts: 

One-quarter cup of walnuts provides more than 100 percent of the daily recommended value of plant-based omega-3 fats, along with high amounts of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin. Reduces risk of cancers. Supports brain health.

  • Nutmeg

Nutmeg benefits for infants. Nutmeg is useful for infants and helps treating infant abdominal problems, bloating, flatulence and constipation. It also helps improve their digestive system. It has mild sedative action which relaxes babies and relives any abdominal pain.

Prep Time : 10 mins     Cooking Time : 20-25 mins

Yield : 3 cups


Walnuts : 1/2 cup

Cashews : 1/2 cup

Almonds : 1/2 cup

Pistachios : 1/2 cup

Raw sugar : 1/2 -3/4 cups

Cardamom : 8

Nutmeg : 1 tbsp powdered

Saffron strands : few (Optional)


  • Start to dry roast nuts one by one till it attains a crunchy texture. Exclude nutmeg, saffron and sugar
  • Allow it cool down completely. Add one batch of roasted nuts in mixie with 2 tbsp of raw sugar.
  • Give pulse speed one or two time. It will not be a very fine powder but a slightly coarse one.
  • Store the powder mix in an airtight container once it is completely cool.


Set all ingredients ready

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Dry roast all nuts and cardamom. Allow it cools completely. Take some set of roasted nuts with nutmeg, raw sugar and saffron. Give 1-2 pulse speed. It will be in slight course powder form.

How to store the dry fruits powder mix?

Store the powder mix in airtight containers. Use a clean moisture free spoon whenever you scoop out the powder for use. If handled and stored in a proper and hygienic way, the homemade dry powder mix can be stored for 1-2 months in a refrigerator.

When can I start giving dry fruit powder mix to my baby?

This powder mix can be given to babies above 10 months. Make sure that your baby is not allergic to nuts and each of the ingredients used to make this powder mix is introduced separately to the baby.

Always follow the 3 days golden rule when you introduce anything new.

How to use this homemade dry fruits powder?

You can mix the powder in milk if your baby is above one year and have already started to take milk. It gives a nice flavor to milk and also helps increase weight gain. This powder is way better than the health powders we get in the market considering the fact that the supplement powders in the market are mostly sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavorings.

For kids above 10 months, you can use this to make porridges, kheer, pancakes, etc. Mix a teaspoon of this healthy nuts powder mix while making porridges, kheers, sweet dishes, pancakes etc.


Mix a tsp of nuts powder to boiling milk. Serve warm.


  • The powder will be coarse in nature. Don’t over grind the nuts as it will start separating oils and the mixture will become oily and too much sticky.
  • Use the pulse mode to powder if you are using a mixie. Powder the nuts mixture in intervals and not at a single stretch
  • You don’t have to soak and peel almonds. You can powder it as it is after dry roasting.

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  1. Megala says:

    Wonderful share! I’ll send this link to my cousin who gave birth to a baby recently.

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    1. deepa says:

      Sure. For babies from 10 months it should be start.

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  2. This is so helpful, Deepa! Wish I knew these things 22 yrs bck! Lovely post! ♥

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    1. deepa says:

      Ya. My mom also used to give me n my sis. Then all we forgot it. My son is picky eater. So this very helpful for me. So liked to share here

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  4. Prema says:

    My kids don’t like dry fruits ,was wondering how to mix in food. Thank u Deepa for giving me this receipt. Also will like few non veg receipt without the smell of non veg.

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    1. deepa says:

      Thank u that this recipe VL reduce stress on kids food. U r most welcome dear prema


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