Oats Uttapam/Instant Oats Uthappam

Oats Uttapam is a healthy breakfast food oats uttapam is an excellent variation of the South Indian Uttapam prepared with Oats and Yogurt/curd topped with amazingly colorful veggies and onions. This can be made instantly and enjoyed anytime. It is a healthy and highly nutritious breakfast food especially for growing kids. Uttapam is a traditional South Indian delicacy which is a dosa. Check out Instant Oats Idly/Oats Rava Idli – Healthy breakfast

Oats Uttapam is been ranked one of the best food that can fight against cholesterol and it contains several vital nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, B vitamins, fiber, and minerals such as phosphorous, iron, selenium, and calcium. Oats also contain the energizing and stress lowering, B vitamin family, which helps transform carbs into usable energy. To try this brilliant and nutritious recipe, do check the procedure below and enjoy making this easy and fast to cook Oats Uttapam:


Prep Time : 10 mins       Cooking Time : 2-3 mins per uttapam

Serves : 4-5

Ingredients : 

Instant Oats / Quick Cooking Oats : 2 cups

Rava/Sooji/Semolina : 1 cup

Thick curd/yogurt : 1cup

Water as needed

Green chilly : 2 finely chopped

Ginger : 2 tbsp finely chopped

Cumin Seeds : 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Oil as needed

For Toppings: 

Carrot : 1 large grated ( u can add any veggies as you like)

Onion : 1 medium sized chopped

Coriander leaves : 1/2 cup finely chopped


  1. Take oats,rava, salt along with curd in a mixing bowl. Add water as you needed.
  2. Then add in green chillies, ginger cumin seeds, mix well. Let it sit for 10 mins. Add more water if needed.
  3. Heat tawa, grease it with oil. Pour a ladleful of batter in it.  sprinkle with the topping and drizzle some oil. Cover with a lid and cook on a medium heat for 2 mins.
  4. Flip over and cook for a min on other side too. Remove and serve with any chutney.


Take a mixing bowl, add in instant cooking oats.
Add a cup of rava/semolina/sooji
Then add a cup of thick curd/yogurt
I washed a cup with some water and pour it back to a bowl
add in salt to taste
Now add finely chopped green chillies, ginger and cumin seeds, mix well
Let it sit for 10 mins. Add more water if needed. Oats uttapam batter is ready.
Now heat tawa, grease it with oil
Pour a ladlefull of oats batter, just spread a little. dont spread to much.
spread a veggies toppings. Drizzle some oil. Cook it for few mins
Flip it over and cook for a while
Serve hot with Chutneys/ sides for tiffin

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  1. Megala says:

    Sounds healthy & looks tasty !

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    1. Ya healthy one. Thank u megala

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