Coconut Macroon/Coconut Macroon cookies

As a coconut lover, I’ve tried dozens of coconut macaroon recipes over the years — be it for the holidays or for friends who eat gluten-free. These are my favorite. Chewy and moist on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside, they are delicious plain but even more irresistible dipped in chocolate. They also keep well for days, which makes them the perfect cookie to make ahead or give as gifts during the holidays.

Only with three ingredients we can make this coconut macroons at home. You can store this for 10 days in a air tight container for 10 days. Before storing it cool down completely in a wire rack.

Prep Time : 10 mins        Baking Time : 30 mins

Serves : 15


Coconut Flakes : 2 cups

Egg Whites : From 2 eggs

Sugar : 1/8 cups (adjust as you prefer)


  1. Take all ingredients ready. Take egg whites in a wide mixing bowl.

    2. Start to beat egg white with electric mixer by adding sugar little by little until stiff peaks form.

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    3. Now add in coconut flakes. mix well to coat with egg whites. Try to make a small balls with help of your hands or with ice cream scoop.

    4. Arrange coconut balls in a prepared baking sheets, spacing about 1 inch apart.

    5. Preheat oven for 200 degree. Bake for about 25 minutes, until the bottoms and edges are deeply golden and the tops are lightly golden. Let the macaroons cool on the baking sheet for a minute, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.IMG_20180308_191340Done. Coconut macroons are ready to serve. Enjoy it with tea time or for holidays. Happy eating….IMG_20180308_214020_Bokeh


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  1. Bhavana says:

    Looks so tempting!

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  2. InspiresN says:

    looks delicious Deepa!

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