Godhumai Rava Upma/Samba Rava Upma/Wheat Rava Upma Recipe

Broken wheat upma recipe, a simple, easy to make, healthy, filling and tasty breakfast or evening tiffin using minimal ingredients. Broken wheat upma is the simplest South Indian breakfast one can ever make. It is my go-to breakfast when I am rushed for time and need a healthy yet filling meal to see me through the day. This fibre rich dish makes for a great evening tiffin or light dinner option when my fridge is almost empty.

This is pressure cooker method. My mom used to do in kadai. When it cool down, it will be little dry to eat. But i learned this method from my MIL, even if got cool down also it will be so soft to eat. Easy for digestion for children’s and elder people. No need to dry roast wheat rava, you can directly cook it.

I sometimes throw in a few chopped veggies for added nutrition. This diabetic friendly grain needs more water to cook than the normal semolina or upma rava. For one cup of finer version of broken wheat, you need to add two and 1/2 cups of water for the grain to cook well. The resultant upma has a loose, dry texture.

wheat Rava Upma

Its a tummy filling breakfast/dinner recipe which is ideal for people under weight loss. Bachelors and working women would find this recipe helpful to make a quick and healthy breakfast or dinner. Friends, do include this easy, healthy Godhuma rava upma in your regular diet. I like to have it with Coconut Chutney . But some people like to have it with sambar, sugar or even with curd. Lets see how to make broken wheat rava ( also known as cracked wheat rava upma) at home easily in a pressure cooker.

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Prep Time : 5 mins         Cooking Time : 30 mins

Serves : 3


Wheat Rava : 1 cup

Water : 2.5 cups

Onion : 1

Green Chilly : 2-3

Chopped carrots, capsicum, green peas : 1/2 cup

Salt as needed

To Temper:

Oil : 2 tbsp

Mustard Seed : 1 tsp

Channa Dal : 1 tbsp

Curry Leaves : 1 spring

Hing a pinch


  1. Heat oil in pressure cooker. Temper mustard seed and channa dal. Add the curry leaves,followed by slit green chillies and chopped onion and fry till onion just turns transparent.2. Add the veggies and fry for two minutes in medium low flame. Add water. Bring to boil.

    3. After it boils, add the wheat rava little by little in a sprinkled way. Stir well and cooker with lid. Keep on medium heat. wait for 2 whistles.

    Once air released, open a lid. Mix it firmly and serve it with chutney or sambar as your wish. Eat healthy. Stay fit. IMG_20171219_203102_Bokeh



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  1. Megala says:

    Lovely healthy hearty upma !

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    1. Thank u megala. Its healthy

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  2. Lavs Raj says:

    Healthy upma!! 👌

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    1. yup lavs. thank u

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  3. chefkreso says:

    Would’ve loved to have all the ingredients needed to try this recipe..

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    1. Try n let me know. Very healthy one. Thanks

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