Sunday Brunch…Bhatura with its only accompaniment  Punjabi Chole ..yum.yum.yum!! A simple and easy Punjabi recipe prepared with plain flour.  Nothing can beat Chole-Bhature Combo – its like they are made for each other – taste heavenly, crispy and fluffy. Bhatura just like poori is a popular deep fried North Indian dish served with Channa.  Everyone in my family absolutely loves this recipe and leftovers are tasty and wonderful too.

Rest Time : 2-3 hours

Prep Time : 10 mins       Cooking Time : 2-3 mins each 


All purpose flour/Maida : 2 cups

Curd : 1/2 cup

Milk : 1/4 cup

Cooking soda : 3 pinches

Salt : 3/4 tsp

Oil : 2 tblsp


  1. Mix flour,salt,cooking soda, curd and oil together well. Then add milk and knead well. Add more milk if needed while kneading. Keep it covered for 2 hours in wet muslin cloth.

2. Make equal size balls, of desired size, out of the smooth pliable dough. Roll double the thickness of our regular pooris we roll. Deep fry in really hot oil, just press on top of bhatura with spoon. Cook on both sides light brown in color.

Serve hot with Channa Masala/Punjabi Chole Masala with lemon wedges and onion pieces. Enjoy ur chole bhatura. Happy eating…..20170506_112622

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  1. InspiresN says:

    great combination chole bhature

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