Vazhaipoo Vadai/Banana Flowers vadai

Vazhaipoo vadai is one of my family’s favorite dish. I know most of us are aware of cleaning vazhaipoo, will take time. At my hubby’s home, there is banana leaf tree, so my MIL usually make vazhaipoo vadai, kootu, poriyal and usilli and all. Banana flower is known as Vazhaipoo in Tamil. Being an excellent source of fiber, it helps prevent consitpation. It also helps in alleviating menstrual pain. Here i mentioned how to clean and make vazhaipoo vadai.

Serves: 5-6        Soaking Time : 2 -3 hours

Prep Time: 10 mins         Cooking Time : 5 mins each batch


Banana Flowers / Vazhaipoo: 1 & 1/2 cups

Channa dal : 1 cup

Onion : 1 small size chopped

Green chilly : 3 Finely chopped

Coriander Leaves : 2 tbsp Chopped finely

Fennel Seeds : 1 tsp

Ginger : 1/2 inch chopped

Rice Flour : 1 tbsp (optional)

Salt to taste

Oil for deep frying


Cleaning Method:

  1. Rub your hands with oil. Then open the petal one by one and take florets and keep seperately. Take a floret and remove the parts shown below – remove the stem like part and plastic like petal and collect the other parts.

2. Make sure to arrange cleaned flower one by one upto 15 – 20 flowers, it will make easy chopping work. Chop the flower finely and add it in diluted buttermilk to prevent from color changing.

Vadai Method:

  1. Soak chana dal for 2 to 3 hours. Drain it and take it in a blender with fennel seeds. Puree them roughly without adding any water. Take it in a bowl. Add all other ingredients except oil with channa dal puree. Mix well.

    2. Heat oil for deep frying. Take small portion from it and flatten it slightly. Drop in hot oil and fry for 1 to 2 mins.

    Drain and serve it with hot tea/ chai.


    • We can even clean it overnight and store it in a ziplock bag for use the next day.
    • If you dont have buttermilk, you can soak it in water which is used for wash rice.


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