Mor Kuzhumbu/Buttermilk Kuzhumbu

Before marriage i never taste mor kuzhumbu. I even dont know how its taste also. I tasted my MIL mor kuzhumbu. I liked it very much. She used to do it in many ways and also with or without vegetables. Here i did without vegetables. It is perfect for a lazy day to make as it can be done in a jiffy, yet delicious! I will share more mor kuzhumbu recipes later.

Serves : 4

Soaking time : 1 hour     Cooking Time : 10 mins


Butter Milk : 1 & 1/2 cup

Turmeric Powder : 1 tsp

Salt to taste

For Grinding:

Green Chilly : 1

Red chilly : 1

Pepper Corns : 1 tsp

Cumin Seeds : 1 tsp

Ginger : 1/2 inch

Channa dal : 1tbsp (soaked for 1 hour)

Rice : 1 tbsp (soaked for 1 hour)

Grated coconut : 3 tbsp

For Tempering:

Oil : 1 tsp

Mustard Seed : 1 tsp

Curry leaves : few

Hing : a pinch

Red chilly : 1


  1. Take all ingredients to grind in to a blender, make a smooth paste. Set a side.
    Beat the curd smoothly. If not it will break while heating, so make sure to beat smooth.

2. Heat oil in a pan, add a grounded paste and beated curd. And add turmeric powder and salt, mix well. Heat this in stove only upto the stage when it starts to raise(will be froathy) should not boil.

Season with tempering ingredients serve with masala vada or with potato. Enjoy with rice.20170304_124733


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