Idiyappam / Rice Sevai / String hopper / Nool puttu recipe

Idiyappam / Rice sevai / string hopper / Nool puttu are very popular towards South Indian Region. At my mom’s place, she used to serve with coconut milk. In my MIL place, she will serve with veg stew or kuruma. And she used to do many varieties using this rice sevai like lime sevai, coconut sevai etc., I love all of her dishes. Here i used store bought rice flour, you can use idiyappam flour also.

Serve : 2

Prep Time : 1o mins      Cooking Time : 20 mins


Rice Flour : 1 cup ( homemade or store bought)

Water : 1 – 1.5 cups

Salt : a generous pinch

Oil : 1 tsp


  1. Take a pan and add in a cup of flour to the pan. Roast the flour on medium flame until the flour is very hot to the touch. It will also start to slightly change color at the bottom. If its kind of becoming yellow here and there, the flour is roasted. Remove and set aside.20170120_185558

2. Take water in a pan or in cooker, with a salt and oil. Boil it on medium high heat for one bubble. Turn off the heat, add roasted rice flour and mix well to combine. Cover it with lid, rest it for 15 mins.

3. open the lid and mix the dough. Prepare small oblong balls and load it in the idiyappam press. Press the idiyappam strings onto idli plates. Once the dough is pressed, transfer the plates to a steamer and steam the idiyappam for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes of steaming, rest the idli plates for 5 minutes before removing the idiyappam. Serve it with coconut milk or with veg stew for breakfast or dinner.20170120_200211


Notes :

  1. Press the dough into idiyappam press when the dough is still hot. It becomes hard to press when the dough cools down.
  2. If it cools down and became hard means, keep dough in microwave, heat for 30 secs. So dough will retain its softness.

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