Vendakkai Curry/Ladies Finger Curry


Ladies finger is my hubby’s favorite veggie. Whenever i ask what to cook, he used to say vendakkai. One of my friend request to share recipe in vendakkai. This is quick and easy curry which is made using ladies finger. It is fast to make and needs just a handful of ingredients. Taste great with rasam or sambar rice or anything. This dish can be done im 30 mins. My moms tips for this recipe is to fry ladies finger in generous oil to get a perfect and delicious curry.

Serve : 4

Prep Time : 10 mins     Cooking Time : 30 mins


Ladies Finger – 25 chopped into desired bite size

Mustard Seeds / Kaduku – 1 tsp

Onion – 1 chopped finely

Tomato – 2 chopped finely

Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp

Chilli Powder – 1 tsp

Coriander powder – 2 tsp

Sesame Oil : 3tbsp

Salt to taste


  1. Heat a pan with the sesame oil and fry the cut ladies finger in medium heat stirring now and then until the ladies finger starts turning brown here and there and the viscous nature of it goes away. Keep aside.

    2. In mean time chop onion and tomato, set aside. Heat oil  for tempering and splutter the mustard, add chopped onion and turmeric powder, fry till golden brown. Add in tomatoes and cook till mushy. 

    3. Now add spice powder and salt, mix well. Add some water and fried vendakkai, Cover and cook in medium low heat. Stir in between for even cooking. After the ladies finger gets cooked, keep the flame in medium and let the masala get brown and oil oozes out form the curry.

    Transfer to the serving bowl and enjoy as accompaniment for rice!



    1. Choose young ladies finger while buying(if you break the tail part,it should break crisp)

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