Biryani Masala Homemade

I normally used to do briyani by cumin, coriander, garam masala powder etc., But trying briyani, with briyani masala giving addition aroma and taste to briyani. Especially for making hydrebad  Dum briyani, this briyani masala will make your briyani like restaurant taste. Yes, here we are going to see making homemade briyani masala . I dont like to store briyani masala in a jar, and use when needed. I usually grind a fresh masala when im doing briyani (especially for dum).

Ingredients: (for 1/4 cup)

Cinnamon Stick : 4 inches

Cardamon pods : 6

Gloves : 6

Bay leaves : 3

Fennel Seeds : 3 tsp

Cumin Seeds : 1 tsp

Coriander seeds/powder : 3 tsp

Pepper corns : 1tsp

Dry Red chilies : 4-5

Star Anise : 1


  1. Take all ingredients in plate. If you dont like to add coriander seeds, you can add coriander powder.
  2. Should not dry roast any ingredients. If means taste and flavor will change.
  3. Take all ingredients to a mixer, grind to smooth powder. Use To make briyani and enjoy your briyani.

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