Ribbon pakoda/Ola Pakoda

Ribbon pakoda will be called as ola pakoda, ribbon murukku or nada thenguzhal murukku. Ribbon pakoda is an easy snack which is made during diwali | janmasthami in most of the houses. We can have this as an tea time snacks. This recipe is my Mother in Laws one. I love her recipes to the core.She is an expert making snacks and veg recipes. I learnt doing snacks from her only. Lets have look on that.

Prep time : 10 mins      Cooking Time : 5 mins each batch


Besan (Gram Flour) : 1 cup

Roasted Gram Dal (PottukadalaI) powder : 1 cup

Rice Flour : 2 cups

Red chilly powder : 3tsp

Butter/ghee : 1/8 cup

Salt to taste

Oil for deep fry

Water as required


  1. In a wide bowl take all ingredients. In a pan take some water and butter, boil upto butter melt in water.

    2. Then mix all flour and chilly powder and add butter melted water little by little, knead as a dough. In a kadai add required oil for deep fry. Then in murukku press fill the dough as needed. Once oil get heat, keep in medium heat, press dough in to oil as in pic.

3. After 3 mins flip it over, again cook for 2 mins. Once it turns golden brown, take it to kitchen towel. After it cools down, keep it in airtight container, serve with tea



  1. If u like to add sesame seeds u can add.

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