Simple Potato Roast

Potatoes are a very popular food source. Unfortunately, most people eat potatoes in the form of greasy French fries or potato chips. potatoes as a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber.

Serves : 2

Prep Time : 5 mins     Cooking Time : 25 mins


Potatoes : 4 Meidum size

sambar powder : 2 tsp

salt to taste

Oil : 7tsp


  1. First cut potatoes in small pieces with skin. Then wash in water for 2 times, squeeze out water. take potatoes in a bowl. Mix sambar powder and salt.img-20161216-wa00022. Then in a cast iron or non stick pan, take some oil. Throw potatoes in to pan. cook on medium heat for 10 mins.img-20161216-wa00013. Then keep in low heat cook until it turns to golden brown. It will take 10 -15 mins.img-20161216-wa0011


    1. Should not peel off the skin, it will roast nicely with potato and give nice taste while eating.

  2. Should not cover with lid while cooking. It have to cook in open pan.
  3. Stir in between until to get a nice roast.
  4. Pure oil little by little as needed.

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