This is a sweet. This sweet is special in  chettinad. What is it special? Why it can be had mainly in chettinad only? The answer to these questions are, Mainly this sweet is made out of a special kind of rice grown in this region ,which after grinding will be red in color. In chettinad function, this sweet will place first.This rice after cooking will be sticky. Ok lets start with cooking.

The health benefits of black rice include its anti-inflammatory properties, its high protein content and its large amount of antioxidants. In addition, black rice is also a great source of fiber and vitamin E. It will calls as kavuni arisi in tamil language.

Serves : 2

Prep Time: 5 mins     Cooking Time : 10 mins


Kavuni/Black rice : 1 cup

Water : 2cup

sugar : 1/2 cup(adjust to taste)

coconut: 4 tsp (grated)

cardomom powder : 2pinch


  1. Soak the rice overnight or 6 hours. Drain the water in a bowl.

2. You can use soaked water itself. Measure the drained water. Add rice and water to cooker, cook on high. After a whistle, keep in medium flame. cook for 5 more mins or 3 whistles.20161211_103742.jpg

3. Once air settled, open the lid. Mash little with ladle or spoon. Then mix suagr, cardomom powder and grated coconut into that. mix well and serve.




  1. soaking rice is very important, because this rice is tough to cook.
  2. It is sticky form of rice.
  3. If u want to add ghee u can.